5 Steps to the Perfect Winter Portrait

By   2023-11-05

5 Steps to the Perfect Winter Portrait

1. Close-up


In warm clothes, the girl's figure looks like a koala bear for the most part, so I focus on the face portraits ? to take the best of female beautiful faces

2. Overcast Weather


The bright sun is the photographer's enemy. And sunny weather in winter is a double enemy. Because as soon as you turn the model with your back to the sun so that it doesn't dazzle the model, you run the risk of getting a lower light. The snow underfoot will reflect sunlight, illuminating the face from below.

You can read about the dangers of light from below here. (Soon)

3. Good Makeup

Maria Yamshchikova
Photo by Maria Yamshchikova, which illustrates how difficult it is for a model to be photographed in winter.

A frozen person is a person with a red nose. And believe me, correcting your skin color, if you are not a Photoshop guru, is not an easy task. But a make-up artist comes to the rescue of the photographer. A generous layer of foundation solves the problem!

4. A little snow on the model

Winter portrait of a girl
Of course, ideally, winter scenes should be filmed in a snowfall. But you can just pour a little snow on the model's head and shoulders, thereby enhancing the winter atmosphere!

5. Cool colors during processing



When processing winter photos, I move the White Balance slightly to blue to emphasize the winter mood. The warm, orange shades that we all love so much are more suitable for summer shots and photos at sunset.

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